Individual Counseling

No two people’s circumstances, or their reactions to them, are exactly alike. Individual counseling provides a therapeutic approach that helps us establish open, trusting, one-on-one relationships with our clients. This highly personalized form of counseling allows our experienced therapists and clinicians to guide and direct each patient using safe and effective treatments to assist them in developing healthy coping strategies and behaviors, leading to positive outcomes. Our individual counseling services in Hickory, Asheville, and Spruce Pine include support and assistance for relationships, helping heal those suffering from the effects of trauma and depression as well as helping our clients achieve their potential through life enhancement and life coaching.

Our individual counseling services provide support for the following:


Our clinicians understand the importance of relationships and the effects they have on people’s lives. We also understand that without considering relationships during treatment, that treatment has been proven to not work well or last long. We provide individual counseling services and assist with relationships in a safe and effective way.


Our licensed, professional therapists have been working with trauma victims since 1995. We have worked successfully in helping trauma victims not only heal but also thrive. We have multiple strategies and interventions to increase the likelihood of success. We are invested in seeing our clients succeed, so we put in the extra effort it takes to help them heal. An important piece to healing from trauma is trust. Our individual counselors are seasoned, ethical, compassionate, empathic, kind people who understand trauma and the importance of trust.

What is trauma, and how do you know you have it? Trauma is any type of event you experience that causes you to feel like you have to fight, flight, or freeze and continues to cause you reoccurring images and feelings in your mind and body that trouble you.


Our individual counseling services have consistently helped people of all ages with depression. We help identify and understand the multiple factors that lead to depression. We then find ways for our clients to manage depression to help reduce and eventually heal depression symptoms. Depression can be complicated but can be healed when understood.


Therapy is not just for those who are currently suffering from mental health issues. Our individual counseling provides life enhancement services that assist with helping our clients reach their potential in specific areas of their lives. Life enhancement can include spiritual, educational and sexual support. If there is a certain part of your life that you are interested in enhancing but have never been able to reach your potential in, you may want to give therapy a try.


We provide life coaching by licensed clinicians who understand the importance of success and how to get there. We work with professionals daily and see the success of our program every week. We help with career counseling, sports, educational support, family, extended family, social structures, and many other factors by helping our clients see the intricacies and hurdles to being successful. Life coaching is about the details—not just looking at the obvious obstructions or struggles to being successful but also looking at the understanding of the unknown elements in our lives that affect success and our ability to be high functioning. We help you unlock your potential.

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