Therapy of Hickory | Marriage
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Separation and Divorce Support

Therapy of Hickory clinicians are trained professionals that understand the trials and tribulations of marital discord, trauma, hurt, and separation. We help our clients avoid the most common and painful errors. We often save our clients extensive amounts of time, money, emotional well-being, and their children’s mental health. There are so many problems that come from marital conflict and usually both parties end up seriously emotional and financially cripples if they do not get the support we provide.

Healthy Communication

Therapy of Hickory clinicians are professional communication teachers. We have an extensive background with researched backed techniques to heal negative or unhealthy communication patterns. Healthy communication is one very important component to a healthy marriage. Helpful communication can seem hopeless and impossible but we can help marriages dramatically change how they communicate to increase happiness, stability, and fun.

Relationship Trauma Support

Therapy of Hickory clinicians are experts in relationship trauma and healing the damage. Relationship trauma can come in many forms. These are a few examples; separation, past relationships, sexual or emotional infidelity, emotional, financial or physical domestic violence, co parenting struggles, abandonment, yelling, affects of outside relationships, alcohol and substance abuse, gambling, pornography and other over sexualized behavior, marital rape, withholding affection and sex, dishonesty, etc…

The damage that occurs in the marriage from these traumatic events can last a lifetime and have far reaching negative consequences if not dealt with by a professional trained in trauma and relationships. We have helped marriages consistently survive these events, heal, and then grow out of them to end up stronger than if it had never happened at all. It’s not only possible to make it throw the trauma, it’s also possible to become much stronger and happier. We are trained and research shows that any traumatic event has to end up supporting the person and the marriage or the healing can never truly be achieved.


Therapy of Hickory clinicians understand the importance of intimacy in marriage and other types of close relationships. We also know how to rescue barriers to intimacy and increase closeness in relationships. Marital intimacy is key to long term marriage success and we help married couples everyday move towards where they want their intimacy to be in the relationship. Intimacy has many factors that affect the closeness. These factors have to be identified and supported in order for intimacy to change and grow. We clearly understand this and are able to teach couples how to access intimacy on a higher level.