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Extended Family Support

Therapy of Hickory Clinicians understand the importance that extended family play in all of our lives. We are supportive towards enhancing the way extended family helps our clients change and grow. We understand the complex support and difficulties families can have with extended family and family of origin and how to get this on a positive healthy track.


Therapy of hickory clinicians have been teaching parenting skills since 1995. We are experts and out vast experience increases our likelihood of success with families. We can proved basic support when families just need a little help with parenting and we also provide serious interventions with the most difficult of family situations. We work hard to help get families stable and that is often the difference it takes to be successful. If you have tied helping yourself with parenting and are still struggling let us give you the support needed to parent effectively. We have found that families, who have stable consistent parenting skills, thrive and become stable and happy.


Therapy of hickory Clinicians are experts in communication. We have schooled, trained, practiced, researched, educated, and read since the early 90s about how to effectively communicate. We understand the importance of communication and how to quickly change unhealthy communication patterns. We also know how to enhance health communication. Styles and patterns to become highly effective in your family.


Therapy of Hickory clinicians are experts in helping families with there relationships. If it is simple improvements in communication and team work or serious volatile patterns in family interactions, we can help make the changes necessary to be stable and high functioning which means happy. Stable healthy families have certain traits and dynamics and these can be taught and learned. With a little practice most if not all families can be happy and stable.