Therapy of Hickory | Couples
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Intimacy Enhancement

Therapy of Hickory clinicians understand the importance of connection in relationships and know how to teach others on how to nurture and grow connection. Being close to others is not always easy and there are ways to work on this successfully. Being close to other is one of the greatest rewards of being a human being and getting there is important. We can help you get close to others and stay close.


Therapy of Hickory clinicians are experts at conflict resolution. We have a significant success rate at helping resolve serious conflict in the most difficult of situations. We work hard to help and we hang in there when it gets difficult. We understand the importance of resolving conflict and how to do this without being hurtful towards either party and making sure both parties maintain there stability and gain from the conflict.


Therapy of Hickory Licensed Professional therapist understand the importance of getting marriage started in the healthiest way possible to decrease the basic problems marriages have and increase if the joy marriage can bring. We help with communication and creating deeper understanding of each spouse to increase support for the other and decreasing common misunderstandings and distortions. The likelihood of marriage succeeding is based on multiple factors and we understand those and how to proactively work on those factors to increase the probability of success in the marriage.