Therapy of Hickory | Clinical Supervision
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Therapy of Hickory provides Lisc. Clinical Social Worker and Lisc. Marriage Family Therapy clinical supervision to graduate and post graduate students. We also provide LMFT supervision for continuing education credits. We have taken our many years of successful clinical and supervisor experience and taught others how to be successful compentent clinicians. We are compassionate caring clinicians that help up and coming, and  seasoned clinicans, grow into what they want to become in the helping profession. We are seasoned in many types of therapy and treatment including; trauma treatment, most if not all clinical diagnosis, individual, family, marital, relationship, parenting, child, elderly, death and dying, life coaching, premarital, career, animal assisted, etc…

Therapy of Hickory approved supervisors know what it takes to be successful and help other clinicians get there also. We provide supervision to multiple clinicans in many agencies in Western North Carolina and for Appalachian State University Graduate students. Therapy of Hickory clinical supervision is saught out throughout Western North Carolina because of our long term successful competent reputation in the professional clinical community.

Please contact us if you would like further information about LMFT and LCSW Individual and Group supervision.