Therapy of Hickory | Children
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Education and School Support

Therapy of Hickory clinicians have an extensive successful history of supporting families and their children in pre-k, k through 12th grades, home schooling, charter schools, psychiatric day programs, college settings, etc… We understand the sometimes complicated struggles some families have with educational systems. We also are able to help support families to ensure their children are successful with their educational goals.

Behavior Support

Therapy if Hickory clinicians are experts at helping with childhood behavior. Whether it is simple changes that need to be made or the child has violent reoccurring acting out behavior, we can help. We have extensive experience and training in locked and unlocked psychiatric facilities who treat children. We also have a successful history of helping parents stabilize and keep children in the home. We understand what it takes and we are proactive in supporting caregivers and that is usually the difference it takes to be successful with stabilizing and helping children change behavior.

Parenting Support

Therapy if Hickory are licensed trained professional teachers of parenting. We understand the struggles and complications of parenting and the many factors involved that parents struggle with to be successful. We are proven to be successful coaches, teachers, and supports of parenting. We know everyone struggles with being the parent they want to be at times and we can help increase parents ability to raise happy healthy children and have fun while they parent.

Childhood Trauma

Therapy of Hickory have been working with children who have been traumatized and their family’s since the mid 90’s. We have become experts on childhood trauma and our ability to heal children and their family’s is proven effective. Childhood trauma can vary from child to child and there are so many types of childhood trauma that occur. These are some of the types we see and heal frequently; physical trauma, mental health disorder and the behavior that occurs from the disorder, parental discord, domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, parents suffering from physical or emotional illness, divorce and separation, death of family member or pet, educational struggles, social struggles, etc… We are able to identify, diagnosis, and effectively treat these and many more types of childhood trauma. We also support and teach parents and other family members or supports on how to help  themselves and their children heal. We understand the importance of healing trauma for the present and future of the child and the family.